The Complete Mealworm Breeding Manual 

Getting Started (Must Read)

Part 1-Videos

General Techniques

Currently there is only one video on heating using a Matt Heater.

Once the written component of the book has been completed (which includes the “coming soon” sections), we will add videos.  

General Techniques

Breeding Giant Mealworms 

10.0 Managing Beetles

photo of giant mealworm beetles on carton lifted above a breeding tray with pupa rearing box.The photos in the following sections use yellow mealworms, however the same principles apply to giant mealworms.

10.1  Beetle Densities

10.2  Beetle Demographics (Commercial)

11.0 Filtering Method (Commercial/Hybrid)

A hand full of giant and yellow mealworms over two blue mealworm trays

Part 3- Husbandry Requirements (Both Species)

16.0 Pests and Disease

photo of moths trapped on sticky insect traps. Trap is held up by a hand, with a mealworm farm in the background.