The Complete Cockroach Breeding Manual 

Getting Started (Must Read)


General Techniques

Part 1- General Techniques 


Glossary and Appendix

List of Tables and Diagrams


Table 1-    Advantages and Disadvantages between Breeding Cockroaches and crickets.

Table 2-    Conversion between Imperial and Metric Units

Table 3-    Overview of Constructing a Container- Efficient Method

Table 4-    Detailed Instructions for Constructing a Container- Efficient Method

Table 5-    How to Make a Zega Cockroach Breeding System

Table 6-    Nutritional Comparison between Different Dry Food Types

Table 7-    How to Make a Small Scale Food Dispenser

Table 8-    Making a Food Tray

Table 9-    Making a Large Scale Food Disperser

Table 10- Making a Large Scale Water Dispenser

Table 11- Making a Large Scale Water Dispenser with Pebbles

Table 12-  Temperature Ranges for Cockroaches

Table 13- Maintenance Schedule

Table 14- Cleaning Food and Water Dispensers

Table 15-  Removing Detritus

Table 16- Making an Ant Guard for Power Cords

Table 17- Grading Cockroaches

Table 18-  Counting Cockroaches- Large Scale

Table 19- Transport Methods

List of Diagrams and Figures

 Diagram 2.1     Anatomy of a Cockroach- Top View

Diagram 2.2     Anatomy of a Cockroach- Bottom View

Figure 3.3        Air Flow through a Container

Figure 4.1        Diagrammatic Representation of a “Zega Cockroach Breeding System”