Close up of a commercial insect farm with rows of blue mealworm trays

Reduce Expensive Mistakes and Become Profitable Quicker

Want to Start a Insect Breeding Business But Don’t Know Where to Start ??

We have been breeding insects and training people for 14 years. We offer both “one on one consultancy” advice or “Partnership arrangements” for people and businesses who wish to breed insects commercially or have a strong passion for the species. Our experience relates to the common House cricket (Acheta domesticus), Yellow mealworm (Tenebrio molitor) , Super mealworm (Zophobas morio) and Speckled/Lobster Cockroach (Nauphoeta cinerea) with and without climate control

We can help you get the answers you need to determine the feasibility of an insect breeding business, and specific techniques to breed them. We respect everyone’s right to confidentiality and all information discussed stays confidential. We have the two following options:

Learn how our Free Partnership Program can Fast track you to making money from home. 

Photo of a grey shipping container of an insect farm. Insect farm is operated by Crickets and Co in partnership with

One of our partners (Cricket & Co) creating a state of the art climate control insect farm in Australia.

1) Partnership Arrangement (Free Advice and Assistance)

A partnership arrangement is a program we have developed where we provide free advice and assistance in setting up a insect farm or sustainable food venture, and the partner share production information (production rates, expenses, income and learnings) for a negotiated period of usually 12 months of production. In this way the partner gets free advice to get them to the next step, and we get information about he economics of insect businesses and their learnings.

Due to the popularity of this program we got to a stage we could not take on any partners due to the time it takes for regular correspondence. We didn’t want to stop taking new partners so now we are developing a members area where we will answer questions partners have and they will have access to all our resources (videos, articles, research, etc).  In this way information is shared (anonymously) to all members, and common questions are answered. Click Here to view the exciting partnership and research projects currently underway.

How does it work?

The main concept of the partnership arrangement (free consultancy) is that information sharing must be from both parties so everyone benefits. Click here to learn more about how the Partnership Program Works and how to apply.

photo of a commercial insect farm operating from a garage. Large screened racks house blue mealworm trays. Rows of shelving and bins houses insect breeding supplies. Garage has a stone cement floor and wood batton and fibro walls.

One of our partners has converted a garage into a insect and wildlife rescue business.

Insect Breeder Tune up-  Where Existing Breeders can Get a quick Answer to a Problem and some Helpful Advice 

Sometimes breeders get a problem or just want to know how to increase production. This is where our “Insect Breeder Tune up” come into being. For just an Affordable $50 (US) an existing insect breeder can spend up to an hour on a Zoom or phone meeting to go over an issue, discuss production rates and improve operations.


Normally a hour consult is $100 (US) however if you are happy to answer some production questions we have (to help us with the consultancy) then we can do a consult for just US $50  (half price) We have spoken to hundreds of breeders over the years, and many of our clients have made just a few changes they had not thought about, which greatly increased their production. This price also includes us giving you access to our online book (valued at $39.99 (US) for the species you are breeding.

This program is great for those who need short term help with their operations but may not want to pay for a more expensive consultation or they may not wish to participate in a ongoing partnership.  Unfortunately this option is only for existing insect farms that sell for profit. If you are interested, please email Glenn at and provide some details on the issue or information you would like to go over.

2) Consultancy

For people who just want advice to set up their business, our rates are $25 (US) per 15 minute block. Sessions are usually by Zoom videos  or other platforms you prefer (Facetime, Google or Facebook live feeds). Our members area has lots of resources to share which are available in sessions.


So that you get the most out of the session we recommend you send us an email prior to the session which outlines the following:

  • What type of insect you propose to breed; and scale of operation.
  • What clients do you propose to target
  • How you propose to grow the insects (i.e. in containers or open netted enclosures)
  • What problems you have encountered or problems you anticipate.
  • If you have previous experience, what this involved.
  • What specific questions do you want answered.

If you haven’ already, you may want to look through the articles in the Commercial Section which will give you some information on markets, common mistakes and production rates.

If you know for certain which species you will be breeding we recommend you purchase the book (Cricket Breeding manual or Cockroach Breeding Manual) prior to the session. This will enable you to ask targeted questions that arise from looking through the photos and text and reduce the time you need for a session.

15 Minute Block just $25 (US)

photo of a commercial insect farm with hundreds of blue mealworm trays and cricket containers. Crickets are housed in black containers and mealworms are housed in blue trays on shelving. Farm has climate control and reflective aluminium reflective insulation.

What can We Help you Achieve ?

Building an insect breeding business whether big or small can be daunting without the right information. Below are some of the things we can help you with:

  • Do you have the markets for a profitable insect business
  • How many insects can you produce per given area
  • How to build or set up your insect farm
  • How to market your product (direct and internet marketing)
  • Managing pest species that have the potential to destroy your product.


We can only undertake a few projects at one time, so it may not always be possible to accept new partnership arrangements at all times.

Our experience relates to breeding European house cricket, (Acheta domestica) and Speckled or Lobster Cockroaches (Nauphoeta cinerea) and mealworms (Tenebrio molitor) using container and lid systems.


As each project is very unique (breeding method, expenses, climate, operator skill level and markets) we only provide general advice based on what we achieved using our methods and setup. It will then be up to you to use this information and apply it to your unique setup.

To contact us for further details on a partnership arrangement or a consultancy session please email us at

Lets face it, most people give up on conventional cricket breeding methods after a few months….who has the time for the constant spraying, cleaning and sorting into different sizes.

With over 14 years experience breeding insects for private use and commercially, we have tried every method available and found them very frustrating… so we developed our own systems which overcome the disadvantages of conventional cricket breeding. Below we explain how its four distinct zones have improved hygiene, breeding consistency,  production and importantly maintenance:

Why not Turn an Expense Into Income?

For Information and advice on commercial production, Click Here.  We have been breeding insects to Zoos, Wildlife carers, pet stores and the public for over 14 years.

We can show you how to build a profitable insect business. See below how you can follow our latest project converting a 20 foot caravan into a profitable insect business.

The Worlds most Comprehensive Cricket Breeding Guide for Commercial Production

With around 160 pages and 240 color photos our insect breeding book series set the benchmark for insect breeding. To see why our book is the most comprehensive book you can buy on the topic, click Here. We also include a free book sample to show you the contents page and start of the book. 

See how we have Converted a 20 foot Caravan into an Insect Business.

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