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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Trouble Accessing Book

Sorry if you have had difficulty accessing the book…lets get you on track by trying the following:


– If you didn’t receive a thank you/confirmation email, check your junk folder and move it across to your inbox.

– If you sign up using a small device (ie phone, tablet) the welcome email (which has the link to the book) may open into a new tab on your device. Find and click this tab to access the book link.

– If the discount code doesn’t work, type it in again and press enter and not login (enter activates the code).

– If possible try a different device. Some companies like to make things difficult for anything that is not their own product or browser type.

Browser Caching

On rare occasions, caching (refreshing  function) can temporarily prevent access to a login (good to remember for all logins). Please try the following steps:

– Close and restart your browser (or use a different tab) and log into site again ( -top right hand corner).

– Alternatively, repeat this process with a different browser (ie switch between chrome/explorer/firefox).


Reset your password when logging in.

If the above things don’t work, please Contact Us and we will reset  your account. If possible please provide us with details where the error occurred so we can correct the problem.

Activating Discount Code

Once you type in the coupon code press “Enter” and not the “Sign up Button”. This will activate the coupon and direct you to Paypal (if payment is required).

Providing a Testimonial

If you think we have helped you out on your journey to be an independent insect breeder, we would appreciate a testimonial so other know what we do.

Please send through your testimonial (one or two sentences are best) to our Contact Us page.  Please advise how much of your name details you like to make public, for instance :

  • First name (i.e John), full name (i.e John Smith), anonymous
  • With Initials (J.Smith)
  • Company or no company name
  • Location, no location (i.e Sydney, Australia)

Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase and wish for a refund please advise us from our Contact Us page. We will then refund 100% of your purchase cost.

You are not required to advise why you wish for a refund, however if you wish to provide us with constructive feedback, we appreciate the feedback.

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