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What Species Would you like the Breed- We have Spent 14 years Breeding and Training People how to Breed Insects.

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Articles and Free Training Course (9 lessons) to breed crickets with new Low Maintenance Breeding Methods

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Articles to breed mealworms and sign up to our upcoming book on Breeding Mealworms.


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Articles and free training Courses (9 lessons) to breed woodies (cockroaches) in a way which save you time, effort and with less escapees.

Best Low Maintenance Insect Breeding Methods for Hobbyist or Commercial Production!!

We Provide a Training and Information Sharing Platform for the Insect Breeding Insect Industry through:

  • Comprehensive training resources to breed insects (books, videos, consultation).
  • Articles and Free Training courses how to breed insects (9 lessons)
  • Directory site to connect clients, breeders, wholesalers and retailers
  • Resources to help people people find information about breeding insects
  • Products, Services, directory, resources for edible insect industry.
  • Developing Insect breeding products (flatpack insect kits)
  • Working in partnership with other breeders and innovators to make a profitable industry.
  • Breed Insects to the public (Australia only)
photo of a commercial insect farm with hundreds of blue mealworm trays and cricket containers. Crickets are housed in black containers and mealworms are housed in blue trays on shelving. Farm has climate control and reflective aluminium reflective insulation.



Free Training Courses

Get our 9 lesson training courses to start you becoming self sufficient insect breeder.



Comprehensive Books and Videos

Our books and complementary videos set the benchmark for insect breeders around the world.

Breeding for Profit (Commercial)

The best information to start a profitable insect breeding business. Like our Facebook page (@breedinginsects) to follow how we convert a old caravan into a profitable insect business.


We work with many partners to research and develop sustainable food solutions to help people to make income in a sustainable manner.

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Products, Services, Directory site for all Edible Insect Need

Keeping Reptiles

Information how to Feed and keep your reptile healthy.

Want to know how to Breed Insects?

All the information you need to become a successful insect breeder whether you are a hobbyist or commercial breeder.

Developing a Edible Insect Food Website Soon

All the Products, Services, Directory and information you need for the Edible Insect Industry.

All the information you need to become a successful insect breeder and to answer your reptile husbandry questions.

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