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Important Note to All Microsoft Email Holders (@Live, @Hotmail, @msn, @Passport, @Outlook)

Microsoft now blocks emails from businesses/people who use Non-Microsoft email providers (Amazon SES, Digital Ocean). Please be aware that anyone with a Microsoft email no longer can reliable receive emails to many businesses and people you communicate to.

Consequently the contact from below wont work for Microsoft account holders, so please sent your enquiry to our  directly. The below contact form will work fine for anyone who has a non Microsoft email.  We apologize for the manual process and inconvenience.  


Microsoft Email Blocking Policy

Microsoft now has implemented a policy where anyone with a Microsoft email (Hotmail, live etc) will no longer receive emails reliable from people or businesses who have non-Microsoft email accounts (i.e. AWS Amazon, and large third party email providers such as Digital Ocean). This now means that people with a Microsoft email address will not reliably receive emails from a big section of your community and many businesses (like ours). General communication will be stifled and many web-based services we take for granted (e-shops, membership sites, Contact US forms, website plugins) no longer work for Microsoft email account holders.

This can be corrected by two ways:

– Only use emails from providers who don’t implement blocks such as G-mail. This will give you a universal email system that is reliable and works on all platforms and to all people.

– We encourage people to let Microsoft know the impact it is having on everyday people and businesses via the feedback form on outlook (go to outlook/file/feedback- bottom left corner of blue bar).

 It is hoped that Microsoft will eventually come to realize the impact this is having on their customers and businesses (and to retain their social license) and reverse the blocks. We apologize to our customers for any inconvenience this email blocking policy has caused.