Hi, We’re BreedingInsects.com

An innovative and Collaborative approach to Insect Breeding.

Built on Passion and Ingenuity

Founded by Glenn Kvassay, a passionate Biologist who has over 14 years experience training, breeding and researching insects production systems for both the hobbyist and commercially. Glenn started breeding insects for the pet trade but now also breeds insects for indirect human consumption (feed to fish and chickens) and is working with partners to breed insects for human consumption (direct or indirect). Glenn has a strong focus of improving the efficiency of the insect breeding industry through research, education, Innovation and Partnerships.

Our training and consultancy resources are used by some of the largest and smallest insect breeders (for edible insects and pet trade) around the world to improve the efficiency of their operations or to start new businesses. Working with hundreds of insect breeders around the world, has given us a unique understanding of the issues breeders face, and we are happy to share our information.

What Drives Us

We aim to provide an information sharing platform for the edible insect industry through:

      • Comprehensive training resources to breed insects (books, videos, consultation).
      • Directory site to connect clients, breeders, wholesalers and retailers
      • Resources to help people people find information about edible insects
      • Developing Insect breeding products
      • Working in partnership with other breeders and innovators.
      • Selling insects in Australia
  • Photo of a commercial mealworm farm. A coridor in the middle with wall to wall containers on either side. Bright strip lightening on roof and ventilation fan at end wall. Walls are covered in aluminium insulation.
  • cricket from the front on a white background
  • photo of a commercial mealworm farm with multiple racks of blue mealworm trays. Mealworm farm is climatically controlled with an air conditioner, humudifier, ventilation fans and aluminium reflective insulation.
  • photo of a group of yellow mealworms close up on a white background
  • photo of a commercial mealworm farm with hundreds of blue trays in shelving. The front rows are pulled out so you can see the mealworms.
  • close up photo of a soldier fly on a brown leaf. It has a black body and white tips on its legs. Eyes have a marbled black and green color.
  • A hand full of giant and yellow mealworms over two blue mealworm trays
  • Close up of cockroaches on a white background
  • photo of a commercial insect farm with hundreds of blue mealworm trays and cricket containers. Crickets are housed in black containers and mealworms are housed in blue trays on shelving. Farm has climate control and reflective aluminium reflective insulation.
  • close up of a group of mealworms on a white background
  • Photo of six mealworm platforms in a blue tray. Tray is filled with meal and pupa is being poured onto the platforms.

We aim to provide the worlds best training resources which includes:

  • Free Training Courses and articles for breeding insects.
  • The most comprehensive Insect Breeding Insect Series. The Complete Cricket Breeding Manual is 165 pages with hundreds of photos. The Complete Cockroach Breeding Manual is 100 pages with numerous photos. We are in the process of developing The Complete Mealworm Breeding Manual.
  • Complementary videos with our cricket books.
  • Currently developing Webinar series for “How to Convert a Caravan Into a Profitable Insect Business”
  • Currently developing a Podcast Series (which will become a webinar) on how to Breed Insects For Profit.
  • One on One Consultations
For more Details on our projects click Here.
  • Bench marking our proprietary cricket breeding system which we hope to sell as flat pack around the world. This new cricket breeding system is very productive and low maintenance making cricket breeding easy for both hobbyist and commercial breeders.  And more importantly we hope they will help feed people from undeveloped countries or more generally.
  • Working with a Cambodian family to set up a large insect farm to feed thousands of chickens and for human consumption.
  • Working with farmers to value add their grains into a much more lucrative product. This will help provide them with valuable income during drought and water shortages.
  • Working with many insect breeders (hobbyist or commercial) to benchmark their commercial production which can be used to breed insects for human consumption (directly or for pellet production of fish/chickens etc).
  • Many others!!

For more details on our research projects click Here. Below is a summary of what we are currently involved in:

  • Breeding insects as a sustainable food source for human consumption (direct consumption or for aquaponics)
  • Sustainable food sources for feeding insects and aquaponics (aquatic and terrestrial plants)
  • Develop new methods to heat insect and aquaponic facilities using solar storage systems over a 24 hour period (without batteries).
  • Trialing new production methods for private and commercial production of insects that require much less maintenance than conventional methods.

Meet the Team

We work Collaboratively with people who believe in Sustainability and the Insect Breeding Industry.

Our Background

We started breeding insects to reduce our costs for wildlife rescue. This led us to eventually breed insects to Zoos, Wildlife Parks, Reptile and  Wildlife Rescue Carers, Pet Stores and the General Public, some 14 years ago. People not only wanted insects from us, they wanted to know how we were breeding them. As a environmentalist and wildlife carer I was more than happy to show others how to save money to help them out. So we developed our books, videos and training courses.

When we started there was very little information available on how to breed insects and it took years to learn the ropes… and we made every mistake. What we learnt quickly was that conventional insect breeding methods were high maintenance and time consuming. Over the years we refined things and then developed our own proprietary systems. These systems work so well, we plan to convert them to flat pack insect kits so that the every day person can breed even hard species like crickets with little effort.

This led us to develop our first two websites zegaenterprises.com.au and WildlifeHub.com  which was subsequently replaced with BreedingInsects.com to train people how to breed insects.

As time went on, inquiries into insects for human consumption grew and we started to breed insects to feed fish in our aquaponic systems and businesses. We plant to develop a edible insect website soon.