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Here are just some of the projects BreedingInsects.com is doing currently in our Partnership Program. For Information about our partnership program click Here.

Our Projects
  • Producing normal mealworms, giant mealworms and crickets both live and frozen. The frozen stock we are selling to produce and pet stores as chicken/fish food.
  • Developing insect frass as a fertilizer.
  • Currently videoing a very comprehensive mealworm book and webinar series.  It will be a great resource for anyone who wants to produce either as a hobbyist or commercial.
  • Having conversations with an Australia business who is commercializing waste disposal service using Soldier Fly Larvae (SFL).
  • I have bench marked a new and very efficient cricket breeding system which I hope to find an investor to flat pack and sell around the world. It only needs 3m maintenance every 10 days and will produce around 100 or more grams of live cricket every 10 days.
  • Doing video/podcast or blog sessions as a guest speakers for insect media.
  • Insect training courses to wildlife rescue groups.
Whats your project!!  Passionate Partners Wanted.

If you have a passion about the huge potential of insects and sustainability then we want you on board. There is something awesome about working with like minded people with a passion for making the world a better place. We aim to create a better economy, a better community and a better environment.

For more details on how to join the team…click Here.

Converting a Garage into an Insect and Wildlife Rescue Business

One of our partners has converted a garage into an insect and wildlife business. They are a wildlife carer who now breeds insects (mealworms, cockroaches) for her local wildlife group, saving them lots of money. She also buys common wildlife rescue supplies and sells them at very discounted prices to here wildlife group. This is a great business model…instead of 50 wildlife carers all struggling to producing insects, they have one wildlife carer producing the insects so that 49 other carers can get on with caring for wildlife.

photo of a commercial insect farm operating from a garage. Large screened racks house blue mealworm trays. Rows of shelving and bins houses insect breeding supplies. Garage has a stone cement floor and wood batton and fibro walls.
Using Soldier Flies for Waste Management

Our new partner is passionate and excited about the opportunities that Soldier Flies bring for sustainable waste management….and so are we.  Here is what is planned…..more details to come soon.

  • Using our insect breeding facility to breed Soldier Flies for waste disposal of post consumer organic waste. (Ie vegetable scraps and left over food form cafes, restaurants, shops etc).
  • Benchmark Production rates of Soldier Fly Larvae (SFL) and waste disposal rates, under climate control conditions and in the field (ambient conditions).


close up photo of a large handful of soldier fly larvae. They are yellow in color and are have a segmented body.
Developing a Flat Pack Cricket Breeding Container

We are bench marking our new cricket breeding method which will revolutionize cricket breeding for hobbyist and medium size commercial cricket breeding. A very high productive system which requires very little maintenance. Our aim is to find a investor and flat pack this method so that every pet hobbyist, zoo, wildlife carer, commercial insect farmer or families in developing countries can produce crickets easily and efficiently.

Breeding Insects for feeding African Village

Working with African family to breed Insects to produce insects in commercial quantities to feed villages in the area.

Mealworms Feed for Aquaculture

Working with Drought Stricken Farms in Australia to breed Mealworms to create a new industry to feed Aquaculture fish farms.

Insects as Fish Food in Aquaponics (Australia)

We are using our crickets and mealworms to feed Silver perch fish in Aquaponic Systems. We are doing this to our own aquaponic systems and in partnership with a Aquaponic business.

Sustainable Stock Feed

Working with Inland Australian Farmers to Breed Sustainable aquatic and terrestrial plant Feeds to help feed Cattle and support farmers in drought. We will also use these methods to provide a sustainable food source for insect breeders to help reduce the reliance on wheat and fishmeal pellet products.

Other Projects…

We have a number of other projects we are undertaking ourselves or with other partners:

  • Investigating sustainable solar and battery solutions to insect farming.
  • Helping people making income using insect farms.
  • Helping people reduce food expenses by breeding insects to barter for people who have chickens or fish (eggs, and fish exchange for insects).
  • Helping wildlife carer groups to be self sufficient in breeding their own insects…reducing expenses and allowing them to care for more wildlife.
  • Many others!!

14 Years of Sweat and Tears…Or Access the Best Information Instantly?

Not many people realize it initially, but breeding insects is a “school of hard knocks” industry. Those who do well, learn from their mistakes quickly and learn from others who have spent years trialing different things. We have made many mistakes over the years and toiled using high maintenance techniques. Then we learnt how to do it much quicker and with less effort. After 14 years you learn a few shortcuts and learn how to:

  • Build the right containers that are durable and have the right balance between ventilation, removing toxic gas in summer, heat retention and preventing pest entry.
  • Build durable, stable and reliable food and water dispensers that are automated to minimize maintenance and reduce cannibalism
  • Manage vinegar flies and other pests which nearly destroyed our business
  • Sort, pack and distribute to customers.
  • Create consistency through standardizing of feeding, maintenance and management.
  • Be efficient with your time and how to reduce or eliminate costs (e.g. solar heating, reduced maintenance, efficient design).
photo of a commercial mealworm farm with multiple racks of blue mealworm trays. Mealworm farm is climatically controlled with an air conditioner, humudifier, ventilation fans and aluminium reflective insulation.

The Worlds most Comprehensive Insect Breeding Guides (Crickets, Cockroaches, Mealworms)

Our books and training are the most comprehensive on the market and are the only book available that covers both private and commercial production in detail. For instance our Cricket Breeding Manual is 160 pages and 240 color photos and sets a benchmark for insect breeding. The mealworm book has 20 chapters, 100 sections and hundreds of photos.  To see why our books are the most comprehensive books around click Here

All the major issues for commercial production are covered including: Biology, Container Design and Construction, Food and Water Requirements, making automated Food and Water Dispensers, Heating, Maintenance and Pest Management, Grading and Selling, Marketing and more.

We are in the process of developing a webinar series to help people start a insect breeding business. Please contact us if you want to be advised when this webinar series is finished.

Our resources contain step by step instructions along with hundreds of photos to give you a proven and tried method to build your business. Our training resources has set the benchmark for the insect breeding industry and is the go to authority for

See how we Converted a  Caravan into a Profitable Insect Business..

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