The Complete Cricket Breeding Manual 

Part 2- General Techniques (Hobbyist and Commercial)

Part 3- Small Scale Cricket Breeding (Hobbyist)

photo of a commercial insect farm with hundreds of blue mealworm trays and cricket containers. Crickets are housed in black containers and mealworms are housed in blue trays on shelving. Farm has climate control and reflective aluminium reflective insulation.

Part 5- Commercial Production- (Advanced-Large Scale)- Partners/Consultancy Access Only

Please note people who have access to this content (Partners and consultancy clients)  can also access the information in Part 4- Commercial Production (Standard).

19.0 Automated Dispensers (Food & Water)

photo of a large cricket farm in a warehouse. Long isle in the center with hundreds of red cricket containers on shelves on both sides.

Part 6- General

Glossary and Appendix

List of Tables and Diagrams

Part 1- Choosing a Breeding Method and Introduction

Table 1-             Advantages and disadvantages between Breeding Crickets and Cockroaches

Table 2-            Conversion between Imperial and Metric Units

Diagram 2.3-     Anatomy of a Cricket

Part 2- General Techniques- For Both Breeding Methods

Table 3-             Growth Rates

Figure 3.3-        Air Flow through a Container

Table 4-            Design Summary for Constructing a Container- Efficient Method

Table 5-            Detailed Instructions Constructing a Container- Efficient Method

Table 6-            Nutritional Comparison between Different Dry Food Types

Table 7-            Making a Food Tray

Table 8             How to Make a Small Scale Food Dispenser

Table 9-            Making a Large Scale Food Dispenser

Table 10-          Making a Large Scale Water Dispenser

Table 11-         Making a Large Scale Water Dispenser with Pebbles

Table 12-          Temperature Ranges for Crickets

Table 13-          Cleaning Food and Water Dispensers

Table 14-          Making an Ant Guard for Power Cords

Table 15-          Grading Crickets

Table 16-          Counting Crickets- Large Scale

Table 17-         Transport Methods

Part 3- Small Scale Cricket Breeding

Figure 9.1-       Diagrammatic Representation of a Substrate Breeding System

Table 18-         How to Make a Substrate System

Table 19-        Removal of Detritus from a Substrate System

Table 20-        Maintenance Schedule for a Substrate System

 Part 4- Large Scale Cricket Breeding

Figure 10.1-     Diagram of a Batch Breeding System

Table 21-         Summary of a Batch Breeding System

Table 22-        Detailed Instructions to Make a Batch System

Table 23-        How to Make Food and Water Dispenser for a Pinhead Grow out  Container

Table 24-         Cleaning a Batch System (No Substrate)

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Table 25-         Maintenance Schedule for a Batch System