The Complete Mealworm Breeding Manual, Just Released.


How to avoid years of Sweat, Blood and Tears!

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To our knowledge no one had produced a comprehensive guide on producing mealworms for both hobbyist and commercially. If the insect breeding industry is to move forward quickly (and it will to keep up with global food demand) we decided to do a comprehensive guide to meet this need.

This project was big….with thousands of photos and hundreds of videos taken over a 18 month period. Oh yes, we also renovated a 20 foot caravan and converted it into an insect business and benchmarked its production. Doing this took time, and we estimate we spent as much time obtaining content for this book as we did running the insect farm. Once we got the content it then took months to configure photos to web format, write the book and upload it to a online format. We had additional challenges such as running our business in the middle of natural disasters (fires, floods), covid and then some pests infestations for good measure…but we got there in the end.

We are pleased that our hard work has paid off, with many people commenting how this book has helped them fast track their business. Best of all, the photos we have included are just the tip of the ice berg and we will be adding lots more photos and videos as time goes on. Add to this a big line up of partnerships in the wing, we will have lots more to share.  Best of all with an online format, you will always have the latest version and content.

If you want a real world “how to” guide on mealworm breeding then this is the book for you. Insect breeding is a “School of Hard Knocks” business. Get it right information up front, and you will save yourself years of sweat, blood and tears.