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Congratulations on purchasing your insect breeding manual. Your manual is more than just an E-book…it also includes videos, tips, partnership opportunities, online support and more. Eventually we plan to develop a directory site and marketplace for all your insect needs. To do all this a PDF would not work and hence we developed a web based platform like the one you have signed into.

Below are some tips to help you get the most of this book:

Getting Started

To begin with we recommend you read Chapter 2 (Design and Farm Overview) , which gives a quick overview and summary of everything. After this you can dig in section by section.   It will help you;

– Choose the right method (2 to choose from)

– Choose the right species

– Gives you a quick summary of the It also includes a quick summary of all sections in the “Breeding Mealworm Summary” section.

Two Versions, One Book 

When you purchased the book you would have chosen one of the two versions: 1) Small Scale (Hobbyist) 2) Commercial. You can access both versions from the same index page. Sections which have the “(Commercial)” behind them and links colored in green, are available to people who have purchased the commercial version. All other sections are available to both small scale and commercial.

Book Upgrades 

If you wish to upgrade from small scale to commercial, you only pay the pro-rated amount. You can do this by going to your “My Account” page and click upgrade from the Subscription tab. If the option you need is not there please Contact Us.

New Content Notification- Super worms Commercial version Nearly Finished!

Facebook Notification

The best thing about a online format is that we are able to add new and improved content constantly. To be updated when we add a new section to the book, like our facebook (@breedinginsects) page.

Commercial Version to be Finished Soon

As this book is very comprehensive, we have decided to stage its release.

 Yellow Mealworms- The Small-Scale and commercial versions for the yellow mealworm (Tenebrio molitor) is complete. 

Giant Mealworms– Small- Scale version of the giant mealworm (Zophobas morio) is complete. The commercial version is not completed and is estimated to be released by mid April.

We will start to edit the mealworm videos after we have completed the commercial version of the mealworm book and a re-edit of the cricket/cockroach book.


Worms are called different things around the world. For the purposes of this manual we will use the following terminology:

Yellow Mealworm- Tenebrio molitor (Temperate, smaller species)

Giant Mealworm- Zophobas morio (Tropical, large species). This species is also referred to as Superworms  however for the purposes of this book we will refer to them as Giant Mealworms.

Superworms- Are large fat mature worms that are about to pupate. This Term will be used for both species.

Pupa/Pupae- “Pupa”  is singular and “pupae” is plural. Often the two words are used interchangeable.

Larva/Larvae- “Larva”  is singular and “larvae” is plural. Often the two words are used interchangeable.

Accessing Book

Logging In

Go to  and Login to your product at the top right hand corner.  Once you are logged in go to the Subscription menu at the top and click on your product you wish to access (ie. mealworm book). Don’t forget to bookmark this page and password for easy access.

Managing Account

Once logged in you can make administrative changes such as resetting password, upgrading a product, seeing purchases etc. If you need to make any changes to these click on the appropriate menu headings.


Index Page

The Index page is your dashboard which take you to the different sections and is located in the top of each page.

Switch Between Books is Easy

At the top of each page you will find a quick link to other books if you have purchased multiple books.

Clickable Images

Most images will enlarge when you click on them.

Online Support

Trouble Accessing Book

If you have issues with accessing your book, please refer to the FAQ page.

Online Support

We offer online support as part of your book purchase. One of the main reasons we went with an web based platform was so we could answer a question once, then add the reply to the book for future reference. For time reasons we offer just “One question” per book purchase. Please read all the content first before submitting your question to make sure your question hasn’t already been answered.

Submitting an Inquiry

To make a request to answer a question email Glenn at and let me know which book product you have purchased (so you get priority to public inquiries) and your question. I will reply to your email and then add it to the online book. I’ll let you know where you can see the response in the E-book for future reference.

– Please note we don’t do “one on one” assessments as this is very time consuming and falls under consultancy or partnership arrangements. The question will be answered generically and it is up to you then to apply this information to your specific setup.

– We do a lot of projects at a time so please be patient as occasionally it may take a while for me to reply.

Help us Collect Insect Breeding Information

We like to collect insect breeding data so we can determine what methods work best for different setups. If you have seen a significant learning (both positive or negative), we would appreciate you Contact Us. We will endeavor to pass this information in our books for the benefit of all breeders. Please try to provide as much information as possible (i.e. quantitative, qualitative, setup, observed change, conclusion).

Testimonial or Feedback


If you think we have helped you out on your journey to be an independent insect breeder, we would appreciate a testimonial so other know what we do.

Please send through your testimonial (one or two sentences are best) to our Contact Us page.  Please advise how much of your name details you like to make public, for instance :

  • First name (i.e John), full name (i.e John Smith), anonymous
  • With Initials (J.Smith)
  • Company or no company name
  • Location, no location (i.e Sydney, Australia)


We aim to provide quality information, however we can always improve. Our books are very comprehensive, so sometimes we miss things. If you have some positive feedback about how we can improve, simplify or clarify something we appreciate the feedback. After the mealworm book is complete we will be doing a revised version of the cricket and cockroach book to update old versions.

Disclaimers and Safety

Disclaimers and Copyright

Please ensure you read this section prior to starting to explain to explain what the book can and can’t be used for.


All forms of farming have inherent risks. Please ensure you read the safety section prior to undertaking any mealworm breeding activities.

And that’s it.  We hope to save you years of painful experimentation and mistakes. Click here to got to the Book Index and get started.

If you enjoyed the content we would like to provide a testimonial or let others know on social media. We hope this book provides you with the information you need to follow your passion or to make you income.


Glenn Kvassay

Bachelor Of Applied Science (Biology)

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