Close up of a commercial insect farm with rows of blue mealworm trays
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photo of a commercial insect farm with hundreds of blue mealworm trays and cricket containers. Crickets are housed in black containers and mealworms are housed in blue trays on shelving. Farm has climate control and reflective aluminium reflective insulation.

Our Goal

We aim to provide an information sharing platform for the edible insect industry through:

  • Comprehensive training resources to breed insects (books, videos, consultation).
  • Directory site to connect clients, breeders, wholesalers and retailers
  • Resources to help people people find information about edible insects
  • Developing Insect breeding products
  • Working in partnership with other breeders and innovators.

14 years Experience Breeding and Training People How to Breed Insects to Wildlife Parks, Zoos, Reptile Owners and Wildlife Carers….and even for Human Consumption !!

About Us

Insects4Food was founded by Glenn Kvassay, a passionate Biologist who has over 14 years experience training, breeding and researching insects production systems commercially or for the hobbyist. Glenn has a strong focus of improving the efficiency of the edible insect industry through research, education, Innovation and Partnerships.

Books and Videos

The Most Comprehensive Insect Breeding Book Series (with Videos) Available for Crickets, Mealworms and Cockroaches.

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See below sections for tips on efficient insect breeding, avoiding common mistakes and marketing.

Consultancy and Partnerships

Learn how our One on One Consultancy (Paid) and Partnerships (Free Service) can to help you create a profitable business.

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Developing Flat pack Insect Breeding Systems, Human Consumption Food projects, Helping Developing Countries Feed themselves.

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Free Insect Breeding Training Courses

9 Lessons to learn Information, methods and Tips on Insect Breeding

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Converting Caravan Into Insect Business

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Our Back Ground

We started breeding insects for wildlife rescue which let us to breed insects to Zoos, Wildlife Parks, Reptile Carers, Wildlife Rescue Carers, Pet Stores and the General Public. This led us to develop our first website (soon to be replaced with which trains people how to breed insects. As time went on, inquiries into insects for human consumption grew and we started to breed insects to feed fish in our aquaponic systems and businesses.

Currently our research is focused on:

  • Breeding insects as a sustainable food source for human consumption (direct consumption or for aquaponics)
  • Sustainable food sources for feeding insects and aquaponics (aquatic and terrestrial plants)
  • Develop new methods to heat insect and aquaponic facilities using solar storage systems over a 24 hour period (without batteries).
  • Trialing new production methods for private and commercial production of insects that require much less maintenance than conventional methods.

Our training and consultancy resources are used by some of the largest and smallest insect breeders (for edible insects and pet trade) around the world to improve the efficiency of their operations or to start new businesses. Working with hundreds of insect breeders around the world, has given us a unique understanding of the issues breeders face, and we are happy to share our information.


Below are some articles to help you breed insects for profit:


Production Rates

Insect Markets


“I recently purchased Glenn’s ‘Cricket Breeding Manual’ which is based on his many years of experience in insect farming. It’s very informative as it brings together a lot of very useful practices in a level of details difficult to find elsewhere. This manual provides an excellent roadmap to someone looking to get into insect farming on a small scale, as well as good tips and practices to someone looking to expand their hobby into an income generating activity. Well done!

Ray, Ottawa, Canada”

Learn how our Free Partnership Program can Fast track you to making money from home. 

Free Partnership Program and Consultancy

Learn how our One on One Consultancy (Paid) and Partnerships (Free Service) can to help you create a profitable business. Our Partnership program will give you the confidence and information you need to succeed. 

Want to Learn Commercial Methods…We Are One of the Few Insect Breeders who Will Show you How

There is a large learning curve breeding Crickets and other insects which can end in disaster if you don’t have the right information. We’ll teach you how to: estimate how many insects you can produce, potential markets, things to consider, avoiding potential mistakes and Lots more. Have a look at some of our articles above for further details.

For example, did you know that new solar technology has the potential to greatly reduce or remove one of the biggest expenses (heating- day and night, even in cool climates) and you can get around 4 times more profit from breeding for human consumption ?

photo of a commercial mealworm farm with multiple racks of blue mealworm trays. Mealworm farm is climatically controlled with an air conditioner, humudifier, ventilation fans and aluminium reflective insulation.

The Worlds most Comprehensive Insect Breeding Guides (Crickets, Cockroaches, Mealworms)

Our books and training are the most comprehensive on the market and are the only book available that covers both private and commercial production in detail. For instance our Cricket Breeding Manual is 160 pages and 240 color photos and sets a benchmark for insect breeding. To see why our book is the most comprehensive book you can buy on the topic, click Here. We also include a free book sample to show you the contents page and start of the book. 

All the major issues for commercial production are covered including: Biology, Container Design and Construction, Food and Water Requirements, making automated Food and Water Dispensers, Heating, Maintenance and Pest Management, Grading and Selling, Marketing and more.

We are in the process of developing a webinar series to help people start a insect breeding business. Please contact us if you want to be advised when this webinar series is finished.

Our resources contain step by step instructions along with hundreds of photos to give you a proven and tried method to build your business. Our training resources has set the benchmark for the insect breeding industry and is the go to authority for

Free Cricket Breeding Course

For more information on how to breed crickets, get your free 9  lesson  today.  This training course has videos and lots of useful information which covers:

  • How a conventional cricket breeding system works
  • How our proprietary cricket breeding system works
  • Cricket biology
  • Container design
  • Feeding, gut loading
  • Heating
  • Pest management and lots more…

We have Converted a Caravan into a Profitable Insect Business..

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