In the past many people failed to breed crickets over the long term as conventional methods are high maintenance and often get devastated by pests. And Many people avoided breeding cockroaches due to the numerous escapees and smells.
• At Wildlife Hub we have spent 13 years developing new methods so that crickets can be bred with the same effort as mealworms.
• With automated feeding dispensers and efficient maintenance systems, cockroaches can be bred with much less smell or escapees. The best thing is that most of the materials to breed crickets (container, dispensers, heating etc.) can be used to breed cockroaches. So why not breed both species side by side.
Our training resources to breed feeder insect for profit are the most comprehensive on the market and includes: Books, Videos, Skype Information Sessions and One-on-One Consultations. Our systems have been used around the world to not only set up new businesses but also to improve the efficiency of existing insect farms.

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