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Mealworm Breeding FAQ

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Setting up a Small Scale Mealworm Farm

So Lets look at these easy steps to be successful at Breeding Mealworms.

Step 1Understanding the Life cycle of the Mealworm (preventing cannibalism etc.)

Step 2How to set up a Mealworm Farm (housing, how many etc.)

Step 3Mealworm Requirements (food, water, temperature etc.)

Step 4Managing a Mealworm Farm (separation and rotation etc.)

Step 5Mealworm Care and Maintenance (Cleaning, disease etc.)


Managing a Mealworm Farm (separation and rotation etc.)

Mealworm Care and Maintenance (Cleaning, disease etc.)

The Worlds most Comprehensive Mealworm Breeding Guide

This comprehensive book and video series will greatly increase your knowledge of how to breed mealworms and super worms with consistent and productive manner. As with all our Feeder Insect Book Series, we will overhauled every aspect of mealworm production including…


  • Breeding
  • Food and water requirements
  • Making food and moisture requirements
  • Heating/storage
  • Container design
  • Maintenance/pest management,
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Grading/selling/commercial production
  • Lots and lots more!!


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