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How To Breed Mealworms….The Essentials

Essential Guide to Breeding Mealworms…. and How to Save Thousands of Dollars!

Mealworms are one of the easiest feeder insects to breed, making them a popular choice with wildlife enthusiasts. This is for good reason, as they require little maintenance and rarely smell.

All you need to get started is 3-4 containers to separate out the main life stages. Once you have this simple set up, it is easy to expand additional containers to produce as many mealworms as you need.

The number one reason people fail or struggle to breed mealworms successfully is they do not understand their life cycle properly. Once they do, the rest is easy. To avoid disappointment, please don’t skip this essential step.

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Designing a Mealworm Farm (Essential Reading)

3 Essential Design Criteria

  • Choosing the right species
  • Choosing the right method

Mealworm Production Rates

close up photo of five blue trays side by side full of yellow mealworms with no substrate.

Farm Setup

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photo of the partial build of a a mealworm shelving rack system. The shelving has a metal frame with wood vertical breams to support metal rails. Mealworm rack is located within a commercial mealworm farm with aluminium insulation on walls.

Husbandry (Food, Temperature etc)

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Photo of thin pieces of carrot being eaten by yellow mealworms. Thousands are devouring the carrot from all sides.

Managing a Mealworm Farm

Rotation and Management

Preventing Pests

Photo of ten different sieve options for cleaning, filtering and harvesting mealworms. Photo includes: A) square worm farm B) Round worm farm C) and D) Gold sieves, E) Container with holes drilled in it F) Perforated plastic tray G) Nursery tray H) and I) Household noodle strainers J) Plastic perforated container

Care and Maintenance

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Photo of filtering of mealworm frass. Four separate fractions are shown A) mealworms and frass from blue tray B) frass in white bucket C) substrate after filtering in white bucket D) filtered worms in blue tray, no substrate

Commercial Mealworm Farming

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photo of a commercial mealworm farm with multiple racks of blue mealworm trays. Mealworm farm is climatically controlled with an air conditioner, humudifier, ventilation fans and aluminium reflective insulation.

More Information- Q& A ???

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photo of a commercial insect farm operating from a garage. Large screened racks house blue mealworm trays. Rows of shelving and bins houses insect breeding supplies. Garage has a stone cement floor and wood batton and fibro walls.

Comprehensive Books 

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The Worlds most Comprehensive Mealworm Breeding Guide and Webinar Series

As part of the mealworm book project we renovated a 6m (20 foot) caravan into an insect business which breeds Mealworms, crickets and Woodies. We have bench marked all build costs, operation costs (energy, food, time). We have just finished the worlds most comprehensive mealworm breeding book that covers both small scale and commercial production.

“The Complete Mealworm Breeding Webinar Series” which will greatly increase your knowledge of how to breed mealworms and super worms with greater consistency and ease. As with all our Feeder Insect Book Series, we will overhauled every aspect of mealworm production including…

  • Breeding
  • Food and water requirements
  • Making food and moisture requirements
  • Heating/storage
  • Container design
  • Maintenance/pest management,
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Grading/selling/commercial production
  • Lots and lots more!!

We will show you the commercial tips and tricks to breed a productive and low maintenance mealworm colony. Click Here for more details and a free look at the books contents. 

photo of a commercial insect farm with hundreds of blue mealworm trays and cricket containers. Crickets are housed in black containers and mealworms are housed in blue trays on shelving. Farm has climate control and reflective aluminium reflective insulation.

Why not Turn an Expense Into Income….Breeding for Profit ?

It can take many years to learn how to breed insects efficiently, learn how to avoid the pitfalls and increase your profit. Fortunately, at Wildlife Hub we have already done this for you so that you don’t have to learn from the “school of hard knocks”.

We have been breeding insects to Zoos, Wildlife carers, pet stores and the public for over 14 years.Our information will provide you with a tried and proven method to build your business. We can show you how to build a profitable insect business. See below how you can follow our latest project converting a 20 foot caravan into a profitable insect business.

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We are Converting a Caravan into a Profitable Insect Business..

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