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The learning center is a resource center which includes, videos, articles, case studies, research results and articles,  and “one on one” advice from Glenn Kvassay the curator for BreedingInsects.com.

Our popular “Partnership Program” allows a partner access to free advice and our Learning Center resources to help them reach their commercial goals.

Currently the Learning Center is Available to Partnership members only, however this will be expanded to webinar and book products soon. For More details about our exciting Projects and our partnership program click Here.

For anyone who is not in the partnership program, please visit the menu links at the top of the page get access to free training courses, articles and comprehensive book/video resources for the species of your choice.

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  • Breeding Crickets

    Videos, articles and Resources for breeding Crickets.


    Breeding Cockroaches

    Videos, articles showing you how to breed Cockroaches


    Sustainable Stock Feed

    Videos, articles and resources for Sustainable Stock Feeds


    Breeding Mealworms

    Videos, articles and resources for breeding mealworms


    Commercial Insect Breeding

    Videos, articles and Resources for breeding Insects Commercially.


    Online Platform- Books and Videos

    Videos, articles and resources for Cricket Breeding


14 Years of Sweat and Tears…Or Access the Best Information Instantly?

Not many people realize it initially, but breeding insects is a “school of hard knocks” industry. Those who do well, learn from their mistakes quickly and learn from others who have spent years trialing different things. We have made many mistakes over the years and toiled using high maintenance techniques. Then we learnt how to do it much quicker and with less effort. After 14 years you learn a few shortcuts and learn how to:

  • Build the right containers that are durable and have the right balance between ventilation, removing toxic gas in summer, heat retention and preventing pest entry.
  • Build durable, stable and reliable food and water dispensers that are automated to minimize maintenance and reduce cannibalism
  • Manage vinegar flies and other pests which nearly destroyed our business
  • Sort, pack and distribute to customers.
  • Create consistency through standardizing of feeding, maintenance and management.
  • Be efficient with your time and how to reduce or eliminate costs (e.g. solar heating, reduced maintenance, efficient design).

The Worlds most Comprehensive Insect Breeding Guides (Crickets, Cockroaches, Mealworms)

Our books and training are the most comprehensive on the market and are the only book available that covers both private and commercial production in detail. For instance our Cricket Breeding Manual is 160 pages and 240 color photos and sets a benchmark for insect breeding. To see why our book is the most comprehensive book you can buy on the topic, click Here. We also include a free book sample to show you the contents page and start of the book. 

All the major issues for commercial production are covered including: Biology, Container Design and Construction, Food and Water Requirements, making automated Food and Water Dispensers, Heating, Maintenance and Pest Management, Grading and Selling, Marketing and more.

We are in the process of developing a webinar series to help people start a insect breeding business. Please contact us if you want to be advised when this webinar series is finished.

Our resources contain step by step instructions along with hundreds of photos to give you a proven and tried method to build your business. Our training resources has set the benchmark for the insect breeding industry and is the go to authority for

We are Converting a Caravan into a Profitable Insect Business..

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