It is said that “A Picture Paints a Thousand Words”. Throughout the manual we have provided more than, 230 photos, tables and diagrams to help you visualize our systems. This manual has a lot of information which relates to both the hobbyist (small scale), commercial production (large scale) or production for edible insects. We have separated these main sections into different Parts, so you won’t need to read all sections, just sections relevant to you.

To do this is as simple as following steps 1 through to 4, as outlined below:

Step 1          (Part 1)-  Choosing a Breeding Method

This book covers two breeding methods, one for small scale production (Zega Substrate Breeding System) and another for large scale production (Batch Breeding System). The first step is to read the following section (Section 1.2-Which Breeding System do I Choose”) and determine which method is best for you.   This will determine if you need to read Part 3 or Part 4 described below.

Step 2           (Part 2)-  General Techniques (For both Breeding Systems)

As the name suggests, these are general techniques that are applicable to both small and large-scale breeding methods (including human consumption). Part 2 should be read by everyone. After you have read

Step 3            (Part 3)-  Small Scale Breeding (Zega Substrate Breeding System)

Read this section only if you are a small-scale breeder (includes small scale commercial). If you are a large-scale producer, skip this section and read Part 4 instead. The method is suitable for the pet trade but is not to be used for breeding crickets for Human Consumption (refer to Part 5)

Step 4            (Part 4)-  Large Scale Breeding (Batch Breeding System)

Read this section only if you are a large-scale breeder.