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We Provide Insects at Lower Prices than the Wholesalers, and Guarantee Quality


We have been breeding insects for Wildlife carers, Zoos, Pets stores and Pet owners for over 14 years. We even now sell insects as fish and chicken food. We started breeding insects to save money caring for Quolls (marsupial carnivores) for wildlife rescue.

Like you we were frustrated with paying exorbitant prices for dead or dying insects? We understand how expensive insects are and we offer insects at discounted prices so you can follow your passion.



Insect Prices

  • On average we are 20-50% cheaper than wholesale or retail prices (Pisces). Discount amount is shown in product description.
  • Fresh and live stock guaranteed at all times.
  • We currently sell live and frozen crickets, mealworms and woodies (cockroaches). We will also have Giant Mealworms closer to Christmas. Please email us if you want them once they are available.Click Here to View Prices or Order Insects.
  • For wholesale rates (Wildlife rescue and reptile groups, Zoos) please email me at


How do I Order and Pick up Insects (Pick up only- Pottsville, NSW, Australia)

  1. Click on the “Buy Now” above and use the category search function to find the insect type you want to buy.
  2. Add the product to the shopping cart and pay using the online payment options which includes Paypal, Bank Transfer or Cash on delivery (Please provide correct amount).
  3. By default insects will be sold in zip lock bags with holes in it. Insects will travel better in a callico bag which you can purchase separately for $1 each. This amount will be refunded when you return the bags on the next visit.
  4. Collection of insects are pickup only (no online delivery) from 12 Muskheart, Pottsville. Please text or email Glenn (0417729509, to determine a suitable pick up time.
  5. If I am not home when you arrive, you can collect your insects in the esky at the front of the house.
  6. We guarantee live insects at all time. If for some reason your insects have died on pick up, please contact me and we will replace them or provide you with a full refund.


How to Save Even More Money Buying Insects?

Tip 1- On average frozen insects are 50% cheaper than live insects. Many wildlife rescue animals or pet lizards eat frozen insect products (defrosted). It is also a convenient way to always have insects available at short notice. Most young birds (gaping stage) and many older birds will eat frozen insect products along with many insectivorous mammals and reptiles. We provide free samples to test if your animals will eat frozen insects products.

Tip 2-  Large crickets often die around week 6 and most pet stores sell them at around 4 or 5. This is the reason adult crickets often die shortly after purchase.  If you want to keep large crickets for longer periods, consider purchasing medium sized crickets (week 3) which will last for around 3 weeks.

Tip 3-  Many Zoos and Wildlife Carers who purchase bulk amounts of insects often pay just as much in freight as they do for the insects. Purchasing insects locally will remove this significant cost and help reduce carbon emissions.

Tip 4- Breed your own insects. We have developed New low Maintenance insect methods which take out the hassle of breeding insects- see below.


Want to Learn New Low Maintenance Insect Breeding Methods?




Over  the last 14 years we have developed our own unique breeding methods and have a website dedicated to training people to breed insects for hobbyist and commercially. ( We also developed to the facilitate and promote edible insect industry.  Our Books and videos are the most comprehensive on the market“The Complete Cricket Breeding Manual (160 pages and 240 color photos) and “The Complete Cockroach Breeding Manual” (100 pages, 145 photos for cockroach guide).

We also undertake research into new insect breeding methods and sustainable food and heating systems for insects. Currently we are bench marking a new insect breeding method which is very productive and low maintenance, which we hope to develop as a flat pack product which can be used by zoos and wildlife carers.

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Please contact Glenn on 0417729509 ( if you have any queries.